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Small Business Accounting and Financial Planning

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Making decisions for business growth is not a choice. Small business accounting and financial planning is key for those important decisions - you can't go on gut feel and bad advice. This is why management information and financial modelling are essential for any business that wishes to either scale, or maintain their amazing market position.


At Beluga Finance Solutions, the financial fog is a thing of the past, thanks to over a decade of experience, and bespoke management information and financial modelling that is hard to rival.


It’s time to get visibility and clarity to make the very best decisions for your small business accounting and financial planning so you are in control.

Small Business Accounting and Financial Planning Support
to help you grow

Beluga Finance Solutions are your partner in small business accounting and financial planning helping you to make your finances easier by

Enabling Decision Making

Enabling Decision Making

Accurate and reliable management information and scenario planning for both the short and long term, make it possible to decide of strategic path of the business, for example, where to invest, where to cut costs and ultimately where to focus.

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Enabling Efficiencies

Enabling Efficiences

Cost savings and time savings are high on the agenda for any successful business. With the very best and up to date monthly information, you can be sure that you are truly efficient as a business.

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Enabling Accountability

Enabling Accountability

When you are monitoring your management accounts to the budget or forecast, it allows you to hold budget-holding parties accountable for underperformance or overspending, which keeps the business focused and on track to meet goals.

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Enabling Risk Management

Enabling Risk Management

With increased visibility comes increased knowledge of potential areas of concern for the business. You’ll know if there is a cash flow problem, a stock issue, a productivity breach, shortfalls and many other KPIs that are relevant to your business.

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Start your journey to financial clarity here...

Your business is on a journey and no matter where you are Beluga Finance Solutions can help you with your small business accounting and financial planning. Check out our services below:


Sole Traders and Start Ups that need to quickly get their small business accounting and finances in check and compliant with legislation - with an easy to use functional system and bespoke reporting.

Let's get started

Unveil the truth behind your management accounts with our Discovery Session. We meticulously examine your small business accounting and financial processes to ensure accuracy and integrity, providing you with valuable insights into the reliability of your management accounts. You'll gain the confidence you need to steer your business towards success.


Clear your financial fog, even without an in-house finance director. We specialise in aiding small businesses with turnovers ranging from £500,000 to £5,000,000 offering unrivalled support in small business accounting and financial modelling, budgeting, and cash flow management. Let us empower your company with the expert guidance it needs to achieve financial success. 


On Going Support

Unlock your business potential with comprehensive financial insights and unwavering support.


Our go-to support services are specifically designed to assist businesses in need of financial guidance. Let's ensure you have the resources and expertise to thrive.

Discovery Session


Sole Traders and Start Ups

Small Businesses

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“For many years Penta had struggled to engage with the right professional service provider so the leadership team would benefit from better financial information.


In a short period of time, Elaine has developed monthly management information and a rolling 5-year financial forecasting model to the benefit of the business.


This project has been delivered whilst implementing automation within the finance department to reduce the total time capacity required from 48 to 16 hours per week.


In these difficult times, we would highly recommend Elaine’s skill set to any small business looking to grow value from within.”

Mark Walker, Penta Precision

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